Complete Course with Certificate

Complete Course with Certificate

P4,200 / boat (max 2 persons / boat)

A half day sailing tutoring with an experienced sailing instructor is enough to assimilate the basics knowledge and skills required to be independent on the catamaran KL 13,5.  Then, you will be able to explore the Bacuits Bay on your own (on a defined & secured zone).



4hours tutoring, 2 parts:

1st part: Essential Theory & Practice (1 hour)
  • tell which way the wind’s blowing
  • understand the technical functioning of the boat, as well as the safety measures
  • do the 2 “knots” you will ever need
  • use the “sheet” to trim (adjust) the sail
  • leave & back to the beach
  • steer accurately
  • stop the boat
  • control the jib
30 min
  • return cross-head wind and use the front wind
30 min


2nd part (3 hours)

Supervised by your instructor, you will practice by yourself for 2 hours   on  a selected travel path in the bay of Corong-Corong.

1 Hour

Then, you will end the course on focusing on capsizing and rigging.

30 min

After a complete debriefing with your instructor, you will obtain a certificate and you will be able to sail & explore the bay on your own.

30 min




  • Boat rental
  • Savety Jacket
  • Dry bag
  • 4 hours tutorial with sailing instructor

Not Included

  • Eco Tax? (ETDF) P200
  • Insurances

What do you need to bring?

  • Sunglasses
  • Hate
  • Swim-suit
  • Sun Screen protection