Competent Crew

This 4 days course is for sailors who have had a little experience with sailing such as dinghy sailing or who have done the Learn to Sail course, and now want to become an active crew member on a bigger sailing boat. By the end of the course, you will be able to assist the skipper at the helm, know how to hoist the sails , trim the sails, know the rules of the road, assist in Man over Board rescue, put up an anchor, help with mooring procedures, check an engine prior to departure ... we can even teach you how to make great coffee on a boat.

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines

The objective of Competent Crew course is to become an active and competent crew member on a sailing boat.
Pre Course Experience: Preferably some dinghy experience or a Learn to Sail certificate
Assumed knowledge: Basic sailing but beginners welcome
Duration: 4 days
Cost: €690

What will I learn?

  • Helming
  • Sail handling
  • Anchoring – Mooring
  • Man over board rescue
  • Overall yacht knowledge
  • Engine check and start – stop procedures
  • Vessel equipment and instruments
  • Basic meteorologie
  • Safety procedures

What’s next?

Once you have completed this course, you will be ready to go to the next level which is the certified 5 days Watchleader Course.

More details

The Competent Crew course is the essential starting point for your yacht training . This course introduces the novice sailor to the pleasures of sailing aboard a bigger cruising yacht. It is also a good stepping stone for dinghy sailors or students who have done the Learn to Sail course to try yachting.  At the end of these 4 days course you will have become a competent and confident member of the crew, one on which a skipper can rely to perform many duties on a yacht.

If you have not done any sailing before and are not familiar with all the nautical terms, no need to worry. We will start by reviewing the parts of the boat, the knots, the theory of sails …

With a maximum of 4 students per course on our fully equipped 45 foot cruising yacht, your qualified instructor will devote plenty of time to your individual needs and teaching. We takes your safety very importantly and as part of this course you will learn how to operate flares, lifejackets, safety harnesses, liferafts, communication equipment, fire equipment and how to assist in the recovery of a man overboard. We also plan for a night sailing during which you will be the helms person under the supervision of your instructor.

Helming. Building up on Learn to Sail, you will now take the command of the helm of a bigger boat.

Sail handling. We will go over the procedures to hoist the sails and how to synchronize the efforts with several crew members. Tacking and gybing on a bigger boat requires proper communication and timing between all members of the team. You will learn to use 2 speeds winches, jammers, blocks … You will learn to “reef” a sail, that is to reduce the size of the sail (main sail mostly) when the boat is overpowered by too much wind.

Anchoring – Mooring. When your skipper has selected a spot to anchor or moore the boat, you will participate in the procedure to safely lower the anchor or pick up a mooring line. You will learn how to ensure that the boat is safely anchored to minimize the risk of drifting.

Man over board rescue. In the case of a crew member falling over board, you will learn how to prepare and turn the boat around to pick up the unfortunate sailor. We will teach you the role of every person from the spotter, the helmsman, the retrieving crew …

Overall yacht knowledge. We will review all the terminology of the boat and expand on the parts specific to a bigger yacht.

Engine check and start – stop procedures. This will be your first exposure to marine diesel engines. You will learn what to check before and after the engine starts.

Vessel equipment and instruments. We will go over the electronics and basic instruments on the boat, such as depth sounder, anemometer ( a complicated work for windmeter), gps, windlass…

Basic meteorology. As Adrian Cronauer used to say in “Good Morning Vietnam” : “Well, what’s the weather like? You got a window? Open it.” At this level we will learn the very basic of meteorology without having to go all the way to Washington Weather Central and Walter Cronkite… And that includes looking at clouds and interpreting ‘what it is, what it shall be, what it was.’

Safety procedures and equipment. As a crew member, you will need to know where the fire extinguisher, first aid kits and life rafts are and how to check them.

This course is taught on our 45 foot Levrier des Mers.

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines competent crew

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Palawan Sailing courses start at 9:30am and finish at around 4:00pm.
We have a maximum of 4 students per boat and a minimum of 2. It is recommended that you contact us to book your course.
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Competent Crew price:


You can pay by cash or Paypal. All our prices are fixed.
Our course package includes:
boat rental and instructive materials, instructor’s fee, warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients. Our package does not include the Eco Tourism Development fee and has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs P200 and is valid for 10 days.

Note :
All our courses have to be paid in Philipino Pesos. The prices in Euros are informative.