Coron Expedition

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines

This expedition takes you from El Nido to the town of Coron located in the archipelo of the Calamian group of islands, about 100NM north of Palawan.
In between, the expedition will stop in Linapacan to explore some of the stunning beaches and clear waters of these islands and sail to Culion,
the southern island of the Calamians. This expedition takes 5-6 days. It is a one way trip to Coron. Guests can either fly out from Coron back to Manila or other cities in the Philippines or stay in the Calamian to explore and/or dive there.

The Coron Expedition course

Day 1

Depart from Corong corong at 8am. Destination Linapacan. Calibang island. About 40NM.

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines

Day 2

Cruising around Calibang and sailng to Binalabag Island. Snorkeling at the north/west side of Binalabag in the afternoon. Trip duration 20 NM.

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines

Day 3

Cruising/sailing from Binalabag to Alava Island. Duration of trip, about 22 NM

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines

Day 4

Crusing/sailing from Alaya island to Tambon island. Snorkeling. Duration of trip : about 30 NM

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines

Day 5

Cruising/Sailing to Coron town. 20 NM. Arrived at our destination.

Palawan Sailing school école voile ISSA El Nido Philippines

About Coron

Coron is word famous for its wreck diving. The wrecks are there as a result of an air attack by a US Navy aircraft carrier during the second world war. There was a fleet of 24 Japanese supply ships at anchor around Coron which ended up at the bottom of the bay. Some of the wrecks are very large, up to 160 metres in length. Despite being salvaged by the US Navy back in the early 1960’s all the wrecks are remarkably intact structurally and some stunning penetrations and swim throughs are possible. Some wrecks have huge blast holes, allowing masses of natural light to penetrate deep into the wrecks, making for a magical experience for the novice wrecker! The outside of the wrecks have, after sixty years in the water, become some of the finest artificial reefs to be found and are laden with both hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish life.

Barracuda Lake is another one of Coron’s fresh water lakes, and the weirdest place we can imagine diving! To reach the lake, you have a short hike up rickety wooden stairs and slick granite rocks with all your dive gear on your back. The lake is a heliocline and a thermocline. That means it has layers of salt and fresh water, plus varying temperatures as hot as 38° C (100° F). The lake is incredibly clear and it’s worth a stop even if you only snorkel, but to experience the hot spring and truly take in the magnitude of the underwater peaks, it’s best explored on a dive.

Besides wreck and lake diving, the next Coron attraction is the Lake Kayangan which one of the most popular places in the Calamians and the most photographed. And for the adventurous trekker, there is the famous mount Tapyas to climb.

Coron Expedition

5 days €17500, 6 days €21000 + APA maximum 8 guests.

You can pay in cash or by Paypal. All our prices are fixed.
Our package includes: exclusive boat rental, full time skipper, deckhand and chef, 3 meals a day prepared from fresh local ingredients. Our package does not include Eco Tourism development fees and must be paid in cash. This ticket costs P200 and is valid for 10 days.

Note: All our courses must be paid in Filipino pesos. Prices in Euros are informative.

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